Nov 27 2009

Kidney Disease and Insomnia

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Many people are not aware of the link between kidney disease and insomnia. This isn’t too surprising, given the two seem unrelated on the surface. Although lack of sleep is often associated with heart disease, it can also be a red flag of early kidney disease.

In the beginning stages of renal disease, it is not uncommon for patients to suffer from insomnia due to the body’s toxins invading the bloodstream and vital organs as the kidneys fail to properly process them.

As kidney disease progresses further, patients often experience high blood pressure as a subsequent result of failed kidney function. High blood pressure can put serious strain on the heart which in turn may cause chemicals in the brain to prevent proper rest.

For those patients that undergo dialysis treatments, they may experience trouble sleeping as a result of leg pain and cramps that tend to come at night. They may also feel the need to stretch or kick their legs at night which can disrupt their sleep (as well as the sleep of their partner).

Some kidney patients may be prescribed medication to treat their insomnia. It is critical that those suffering from kidney problems view insomnia as a potentially serious threat and not just an inconvenience.

Other alternatives to treat insomnia include natural sleep aids that can be acquired without a prescription. Consult your physician to determine which treatment option may be best for you.

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