Dec 28 2008

History of the Kidney Transplant

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In order to correct the problem of improper kidney function, the process of kidney transplantation was developed. The first successful kidney transplants were done in Boston and Paris in 1954. The transplant was done between identical twins to eliminate any problem of an immune reaction.

The popularization of renal transplantation was slow. For example, the first kidney transplant in the United Kingdom did not occur until 1960 when Michael Woodruff performed in an Edinburgh between identical twins.

The deceased donor transplantation was introduced in 1964, when the routine use of drugs to prevent and treat acute rejection. The kidney was transplanted organ easier because the tissue compatibility test was simple, the organ was relatively easy to remove and put in, living donors could be used without difficulty, and in case of failure, kidney dialysis was available since the 1940s.

The compatibility test tissue is essential for success, the first attempts in the 1950s on people suffering from Bright’s disease had been very successful. The transplant was done by Dr. Joseph Edward Murray, who received the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1990. The donor is still alive as of 2005, the recipient died eight years after transplantation.

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  1. Bryan Karlon 28 Dec 2008 at 5:24 pm

    It is good thing people discovered the kidney transplant process. I believe it has greatly helped millions of in need.

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